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A message from Dina Marais

Founder & Coach

As a coach I am passionate about supporting my clients by unleashing strategies within them to soar and enjoy a high quality of life. Life is a journey, an adventure, a marathon with no destination and it is our choice to stand still or discover how far we can go. I’ve made my decision, what’s yours?

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Why Personal Development?

We are not born with a manual to do life. We do not instinctively know how to do anything. We have to learn what things are, how things work, who we are, what we are like, how to live, how to invest our energies, what to busy ourselves with, and what to live for. In this gap of not knowing innately and inherently, the only instinct we have is that of learning. We have to learn everything. By doing personal development you expand your world, your experiences and your habits to get new results.

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Why Self Coaching?

Through Self coaching, as on, you ask yourself the quality questions that will give you insight and awareness of what you need to change to get what you want and where you want to be. The aim of self coaching is for you to gain self-awareness, because in that lies your power to create sustainable change.

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How does it work on

This is like a self-study program unlike any other self-study program you will ever do, because the subject is you and your subjective experience of life! In this self-study program the modules are your life areas and the assignments are you implementing the changes you decide on and track your progress. Are you ready to start the most significant self-study program of your life?

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Here you get the best of both worlds where you can help yourself a great deal and if and when you need a coach you have a world-class coach available. Change your life, be optimistic, live in the present moment, believe in yourself, stop being afraid of the future and the uncertainty it holds. Focus on what you want, live with gratitude and live a purposeful life!

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May 4, 2015