Hi there from me, Dina Marais, coach and founder of and and thank you for being interested in what CoachingSelf is all about.

As a coach I am passionate about supporting my clients by unleashing strategies within them to soar and enjoy a high quality of life.

As a coach I am passionate about support people to overcome their stress and fear of the future where they are victims of self-doubt and inferiority thereby creating self-fulfilling prophecies that create unsatisfying results. I support my clients by unleashing strategies within them to soar and enjoy a high quality of life.

This lies close to my heart because I’ve been there. Looking back from where I am now being optimistic, living in the present moment, believing in myself, not afraid of the future or uncertainty, focusing on what I want, living with gratitude, I remember what it was like being on the other side.

Having had a stressful birth, I nearly died, my mother had a stressful pregnancy and my first years continued being stressful, my Amygdala was extremely sensitized and I had a constant fear of survival.  All of this resulted in me creating attractors of not believing in myself, comparing myself with others and feeling inferior, living in and fearing the future.

These self-fulfilling prophecies resulted in a downward spiral of clients dwindling, increasing debt, depression until I decided that this is not working for me, this that I was creating was not what I wanted and to turn it around. I realized that no matter how much people told me what to do, I’ve had to do the work and change myself first.

There is such power in a decision!

I signed up for coaching and I started to self-coach applying my training to myself.  I deliberately started working on myself, asking questions exploring the higher levels of my mind, got amazing a-ha moments and insights, changed limiting beliefs about myself, built my self-esteem and self-confidence and it started to turn around.  The thrill of self-awareness, deciding on making a change, implementing it and experience the difference is so rewarding!  Small steps that become big leaps. Wow!

Seeing the results in my own life from self coaching, I realized that there must be thousands of people like me who need support to improve the quality of their lives, even if it is one thing and that is why I created, because I believe that once we have self-awareness we empower ourselves to make a change.  I believe that people can help themselves to a large extent and that’s why for me is the best of both worlds. Here you can explore and discover the many facets of your life, gain self-awareness, make changes and track your progress and when you do need a coach, I’m here for you.
Life is a journey, an adventure, a marathon with no destination and it is our choice to stand still or discover how far we can go. I’ve made my decision, what’s yours?

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