The story begins with founder Dina Marais, Meta-Coach, Neuro-Semantics Trainer and Speaker. With more than 10 years experience in the field, Dina has facilitated a self-actualization culture and personal growth for countless clients, both personal and corporate. Throughout her career, Dina's personal mission has been to provide personal development opportunities for all and in 2011 she made it possible when she founded

Through you gain self-awareness and enhance your emotional intelligence with online tools that empower you to maximize your potential and health as your grow towards living a purposeful life. Now, on our 3rd birthday, we are relaunching with a brand new look, a fully interactive Community Space and a vastly improved Personal Space on

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The Community Space on is where you are now. Here you will find blog articles, videos and interactive groups and forums to assist on your personal development journey. Share as much or as little as you like.

Sign up for the Community Space in the top right corner and start experiencing your Community. More than the Online Personal Coaching provided on, we host exciting events and workshops throughout the year and offer face-to-face and Skype Coaching Sessions should you require additional Coaching to break through a barrier and then continue on your personal development journey. is your Personal Space on Your Personal Space is your private haven on It is where your personal development journey takes place as you explore where you are now, define your life purpose, create your vision and work towards achieving it.

Your Present State, Vision and Journal Modules are and will always be FREE to all members. Want more? For a small subscription fee you will unlock the remaining modules designed so that you can can work towards the change you want to see in your life. View pricing structure on the Subscribe Page.

 While your Personal Space remains private and separate from the Community Space, the Self-Coaching Courses act as a Coaching bridge to assist you throughout your personal journey. At the beginning of every month we start a new Self-Coaching Course themed around a particular Life Area.

Each week will include tasks that you may complete in your Personal Space, while you stay connected to your Coach and fellow members on the Course Group, created for Q&A or to chat with others experiencing similar challenges. We will be with you every step of the way with a monthly webinar and discussions hosted in the Group. Join us for the next Self-Coaching Course, designed to give you maximum impact on 




About Dina Marais

Dina Marais is a Meta-Coach, NLP and Neuro-Semantics Trainer and the Founder of She has more that 10 years experience in the field, facilitating company culture change as she works with teams and individuals. Furthermore Dina facilitates personal development with one-on-coaching and a variety of empowering workshops designed to unlock your inner power to reach your ultimate dreams.
In 2009 she founded, an e-coaching portal, assisting people to grow toward self-leadership. Through you gain self-awareness and enhance your emotional intelligence with online tools that empower you to unlock your inner power as you maximize your potential and health.