While allows you to coach yourself towards living a purposeful life, you may find yourself dealing with challenge that needs additional assistance. In these cases we urge you to book coaching session with Dina  so that you may work through this particular challenge and continue with your personal growth.

Dina is available for face-to-face sessions in the Gauteng area. If you live outside Gauteng, she available on Skype for virtual sessions. Please Contact Us to book a session with Dina.

While is available to anyone, anywhere, Dina is based in Gauteng and sees personal clients in Pretoria and Johannesburg. She also coaches many clients living abroad or in other provinces using Skype.

So, if you need to work through a challenge and need a Life Coach to help you do so, please Contact Us and we will set up a date and time for your Skype Coaching Session.

Throughout her career, Dina has worked with many companies to improve company culture with Team Coaching.

It is only when each member of a team shows that they can manage themselves, take responsibility and do tasks confidently that the team will grow. By developing self-awareness, Dina Marais accelerates peak performance. This leads to enhanced self-esteem and heightened leadership qualities for each member of the team.

Team Building:
Once a team has undergone a successful Team Coaching Intervention, it is important to cement the experience with a fun and rewarding activity. Scuba Diving offers the platform for a team to secure the relationships forged, experience high-performance teamwork, expand comfort zones and build confidence.

Operating at an executive level demands an increased sense of responsibility and round-the-clock peak performance. This can become overwhelming, causing an imbalance in your life. Dina Marais tailors sessions to your needs, focusing on meaning, purpose and performance, addressing your work and personal lives. Be a better leader today. Executive Coaching plans consist of 6 to 8 sessions.

Book a Coaching Session with Dina