Here on which is our community space and what we also refer to as the Blog Site, you read thought provoking blogs on topics relevant to the self coaching programs of the different life areas. Here you will find the outline of every self coaching program and be notified of new releases.

Join the Group of the different life areas where you can meet like-minded people and exchange ideas, make comments and ask questions. Let’s get the conversation going and learn from each other!

On the Events Page you will see what webinars or live chats we plan for by when giving you the chance to join and participate.

Now moving to your private space on is where you do the work. Here you put on your running shoes and hit the road of your journey. You will find support along the way to help you. There are videos and audios as well as examples and Help.

If you get stuck, we are there to support you to get unstuck and move forward. Drop us an email at or contact us to set up a coaching session with Dina.


This is like a self-study program unlike any other self-study program you will ever do, because the subject is you and your subjective experience of life! In this self-study program the modules are your life areas and the assignments are you implementing the changes you decide on and track your progress.

For the big changes you set up Goals and Actions and celebrate every step completed moving you closer to your Goals.  You write your exam once you complete a program and do a post self-assessment to measure to what extent you have improved the quality of your life.

Although I suggest that you first do the Get Started part comprising of your Life Wheel, Values, Purpose and Vision before moving to the Programs and Goals, you can start where you want.

You decide and choose the life area you wish to explore and just follow the instructions. Imagine a coach is with you asking the questions you are reading and you are answering the questions as you type them.

Are you ready to start the most significant self-study program of your life?

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