We are not born with a manual to do life.  We do not instinctively know how to do anything. We have to learn what things are, how things work, who we are, what we are like, how to live, how to invest our energies, what to busy ourselves with, and what to live for.

In this gap of not knowing innately and inherently, the only instinct we have is that of learning. We have to learn everything.

Your map or model of the world comes from learning from others – your parents or caregivers, your teachers and others who you look up to.  What you have learned from others on what to value, believe and how to respond may be outdated and not work for you anymore.  It is definitely time to explore and update your maps.

You like me and most people know of things that are inspiring and would like to live by and yet do not do them – they are not integrated into your being and here is an opportunity to know them, act on them and live them.

Your thoughts, beliefs, habits – in short your map or mindset – can only get you what you are getting now.  By doing personal development you expand your world, your experiences and your habits to get new results.

Life is a marathon, not a sprint. And to run this marathon you need fitness that gives you energy. The marathon is filled with milestones. If you reach three quarters of the stretch, you know you can complete the rest. That gives you energy for the next milestone.

In life the fitness I’m referring to is personal development and the energy is your mind-body-emotional states. Continuous personal development stretches you beyond your comfort zone and the results you get in creating the life you want bit by bit fuels this thirst for improving yourself.

Yet watching a video or reading about running a marathon is not the same as putting on your running shoes and hitting the road.

Could your life be better?

But how do you do this? Self coaching is an effective and affordable way to gain self-awareness and grow and improve the quality of your life.

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