Through Self coaching, as on, you ask yourself the quality questions that will give you insight and awareness of what you need to change to get what you want and where you want to be.

The key is questions that take you beyond your conscious mind into the higher levels of you unconscious mind.  Beliefs and meanings drop outside of consciousness and with reasoning and trying to change merely at the cognitive-behaviour level will not sustain change.

The aim of self coaching is for you to gain self-awareness, because in that lies your power to create sustainable change.

Maslow said, “To change a man is to change his awareness of himself.”  Once you are aware of yourself and especially your mind-body connection regarding your experience of life in the different areas and contexts within those areas, you are able to run your own brain. Through self-coaching you will learn the structure of human experience through the questions posed to you by the self-coaching system.

What is even more amazing is that this awareness is generative meaning that you will automatically apply the changes you make in one area in other areas or situations giving you more positive results!

We all have “blind spots”.  We see the world according to our filters and are blind to the bigger picture. It’s like looking at a huge picture through a peep-hole – you only see the bit that the small window of the peep-hole allows.

Effective questioning opens up your world and allows you see the bigger picture of your life.

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